A - A danger greater than war – the Influenza pandemic 1918-9
  • Called ‘Spanish Flu”
    Spanish Flu Emergency team - Sydney 1919
    Spanish Flu Emergency team - Sydney 1919
  • caused nearly 12,000 deaths in Australia and caused many disruptions to community life. It was probably brought to Australia by soldiers returning from World War One, and first appeared in Melbourne in January 1919. Interested? More info here!

B - A Very 'Modern' Decade

The 1920s and the 1930s were a time of great change. People forgot the old and embraced the new in an attempt to leave the hardship and struggles of the war behind them. New technology was being created from new electric housexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTiJq6oqTBf5R1bO65Vd_hhCqVFMcA7JwLI-e57ncdARYbYQzlOehold appliances to passenger planes. The fashion world was seeing great changes as the roles of women changed. Music, art and architecture developed new forms to express new attitudes. This was the Jazz Age - which began in the prosperous USA! Movies were the new, popular forms of entertainment. A famous silent film made in Australia in 1919 was "The Sentimental Bloke" - with our first movie star, Lottie Lyell...
Lottie Lyell
Lottie Lyell

Good overview here

C - timeline of the decade: national and international events of significance.

*explore the decade here...

D- 'Men, money and markets'
Billy Hughes continued as Prime Minister after World War One until 1923. He attended the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty "on behalf of 60 000 Australian dead" and fought to have Australia represented at the new League of Nations. It was hoped that WW1 would be the war 'to end all wars'. He was replaced by Stanley Bruce in 1923. Bruce was keen to see Australia grow. To do this he wanted to increase the population (encourgaing mingrants from Great Britain), increase spending - with loans from Britain and boost trade - with Britian.

Coursework Task: people and events and culture from the 20s and 30s:
Choose 1 topic from below and present detailed, well researched information about it in digital form - e.g. power point. Do not simply cut and paste information - use your own words. Write about 250-300 words and add images that support your information. If you have another idea, check with me for suitability.

Nellie Melba "The Voice"
Other music - records
Art Deco
building begins in the 1920s opening of the Harbour Bridge
or this...
Kingsford Smith
fashion in the 20s
Qantas begins
- Depression relief : Archdeacon Hammond
jazz in the1920s-30s
ABC established
Jack Lang radical NSW Premier during the Great Depression
cars/transport in 20s-30s
Phar Lap
Burleigh Griffin
Australian cinema in the 20s-30s
the - the new national
capital - Canberra
Rev John Flynn
new dances of the 20s
Happy Valley La Perouse - living through the Depression
Margaret Preston
new electric appliances
Stock Market crash of 1929
the movies! Australian film and stars.
new foods!
trends and fads!

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