The 1960s was a time of dramatic change in many ways. New technologies were marked by mass production, computerization, the space race and new man-made materials. Both in industry and in homes, things were new and innovative, and with increased affluence, consumerism flourished.

At the same time, youth culture was increasing its impact on society. The idea of 'the teenager' and a 'generation gap' developed, marked by different music, fashion and values. The old ways were challenged. Listen to this 'old' broadcaster, Tim Bowden, reflecting on this significant change. [Read the clip notes too] Check out the popular Go Set magazine web-site for an inside look..Then check out the artists at youtube:) You'll see some are Australian - but many are American or British. How many names do you still know today?

These trends were apparent around the western world, and increased globalization and improved communications saw Australians being greatly influenced by trends in Britain - and increasingly - the USA. Increased television ownership contributed to this enormously. Have a look at what we were watching on TV in the 60s....

Over this decade Australian attitudes changed toward immigration, Aboriginals, Communism and the Vietnam War, womens' roles, religion and morality. It was a challenging and often divisive decade of change.

To write effectively about this decade you need to understand this big picture, but also know details and facts to support your ideas.
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