With reference to the sources provided and your own knowledge, explain how the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people changed since 1960. In your answer you should refer specifically to at least three of the following;
1.Freedom Ride
2.Wave Hill
3.1967 referendum
4.Integration and Reconciliation
5.Tent embassy
6.Woodward Royal Commission
7.Mabo Wik
8.Stolen Generations

You have 50 minutes in which to write and and will be given several sources to refer to to support your points.

Come prepared:
  1. Know the big picture of how Government policies toward aboriginals have affected their rights and freedoms over time:
i.e. start of 1960s - Protection and Assimilation (how did these limit Aboriginal freedoms? Think about missions,
restricitive rules, marginalization, segregation, discriminatory rules, state variations..) By the end of the century they had
gained Self-Determination, Native title and land rights, equality under constitution, recognition of the value of their culture.
2. Your selected events or actions should show how these changes were achieved - for each: what grievances were
addressed, what actions were taken and what rights/freedoms were achieved?
3. Plan: intro - identify changes over time to rights and freedoms and how your selected events helped achieve these
paragraph 1 - spell out the limitations on rights and freedoms caused by policy of Protection/Assimilation
paragraphs 2-4 (or more) - link each chosen area/action to process of change (what was achieved and how?)
conclusion - some up
4. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that addresses the question, shows clearly what the paragraph is about, and links to the overall argument/discussion. Use linking words - However, As a result, Nevertheless, Despite this, In addition, Consequently, In response etc
5. Use the sources to illustrate or add depth to a particular point. You do not have to refer to them all, but you must mention at least one. Quote them or refer to them specifically: e.g. "As Source A shows, many Aboriginal people believed that...."