Your narrative is about the life of a man or woman born in about 1895. When they are about 20 years old, they will be drawn into The Great War, either enlisting themselves - or being the wife, sweetheart, sister etc of someone who does.

Some of you will have a real family member whose life you can investigate. Just check they really were young adults during the First World War. Some of you will have ANZAC heroes in you family tree.

If you do not have someone specific, go to this website and choose anyone who interests you. Maybe they have the same surname as you - or come from somewhere you know well. If there is a poppy next to their picture, they died during the war.Take note of where they lived, and what they did for work. Note where they enlisted, the division they served in, the ship they left on. Note where they served. These will be things to research - begin simply with google images! You may decide to make this person a friend, fiance or relative if you prefer.

So your album will have two main areas to research and then bring to life: FIRSTLY your life in Australia at the time the war broke out. Try and re-create your life - your job or duties, your friends and hobbies, sporting, religious or other activities.

Use the information you have found to begin your search. If your character came from Goulburn, for example - google goulburn nsw history 1900. Take note of the kinds of jobs listed; decide what your father did and as a result how well-off you are. Local history websites are full of information about local industries, events, houses, businesses and schools. The more you research and study the sources, the more convincing your story will be.

NEXT you must find out about where your character [or their husband etc] served in WW1. You must show you understand their experiences - what they did, trench warfare, conditions, battles etc. Be specific - don't just write 'It was horrible...' You may like to write about a nurse with the AIF.

You must find real sources to illustrate your narrative - e.g. photographs that are Australian, from the period, relevant and informative. Each must be labelled with date, place and notes about what is seen. Other sources may include relevant newspaper articles, official documents, artifacts [photo only].

Let your research guide you - you may find one trail is more fruitful, so adapt your story to make it more authentic and historically accurate.

These steps may help you. SELECT:
*male female [create/choose an authentic name]
* city/town/suburb/village/rural property
* your work: -professional [middle class] - doctor, bank manager, clerk, accountant, engineer etc, station manager
OR -small business or educated [lower middle class] - shop owner, teacher, post master
OR - skilled/unskilled[working class] - blacksmith, mason, carpenter, bullocky, timber mill worker, factory hand, train/tram driver, farm labourer, butcher. {Most Australians, especially those who served, were working class}

Assume your mother's main role is housekeeping [she may have domestic staff if upper middle class!]. Some also helped in their husband's business or on their farm. Most women stopped work when they married.
*your home - who lived there? What was it like? What appliances were there?
*When did you finish your schooling? [Working class children often finished after Year 6 - at 11 or 12 years] Did you go on to study or train as an apprentice?
*what did you do for entertainment? The pictures? Fishing? Games? Sports? Music?
*were you [like 60% of Australians] regular at church each week?

WAR is declared in August 1914. This will affect almost every Australian family as young men enlist in their thousands. Read the next section for more information.
*Why does your character [or their brother/fiance etc] enlist?
*when does he set sail? From where? Which ship?
*He will probably be sent to Egypt for more training.
*IF he is there in 1915, he will be sent to the shores of Gallipoli - this campaign ran from April to December
*IF he arrives after December, he will be sent along with all those evacuated from Gallipoli, to France, to fight on the Western Front. From 1916 - November 1918, this is where the AIF was fighting
*IF he is in the Light Horse, he may stay and fight in Palestine

Get your dates right! Accurately describe the battles and conditions your soldier would have experienced.

NURSES - these are based in the Mediterranean and Egypt.